A French Fry Enthusiast Visits the Only French Fries Museum in the World



I'm in Bruges.

It's a little Belgian city 55 minutes, £36, 101 km, and two packets of shortbread biscuits from Brussels. It has some of the best preserved medieval architecture in Europe, a few exquisite cathedrals, and an economy almost exclusively run on beer, chocolate, lace, and tourism from the 2008 Colin Farrell film In Bruges. Its 14th to 17th century architecture is so historically significant, the entire city is World Heritage listed by UNESCO. Five million people visit each year to climb the 366 stairs to the top of the Belfy Tower and wander through cobbled streets that smell like hops and waffles.

But my lifelong friend Luke and I aren't there for the history. There are 27 museums in Bruges and there's only one we need to see: The world's first—and only— museum devoted to french fries.

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