Behind the scenes with jessie j



When I meet Jessie J, she’s so candid and warm and she looks at you with those big, beautiful fish-bowl eyes like you’re the only journalist she’s ever met. She’s one of those spontaneous crooners, too – the type of star who breaks into song mid-interview without warning. Her mum and BFF Holly are at the table behind us, playing Candy Crush Saga (both Jessie and her mum were on level 50 when we met) and she beams at them between questions.

She’s a real girl – she just happens to look like a kick-ass goddess with a white-blonde crew cut and the voice of a ferocious angel. And she works seriously hard for what she’s got.

“We’re all hustling. Trust me, I’m still hustling hard,” she says. “Honestly, every time I write a song it’s like an audition all over again. And you put the same amount of love and affection into everything, whether it gets used or not. That’s why it’s really good to have, you know, a finger in the pies.”

She stops, and roars with laughter.

“Wait, what? Is that the saying? Fingers in pies? It just feels so wrong since American Pie!”

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