The friendship cure

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a non-fiction debut from kate leaver

‘Kate has written a beautiful book about something so specific and unchartered, yet so universal. Friendship can change your life as could this book.’ — Dolly Alderton

‘A gorgeous book and a reminder of just how intense and special female friendship is.’ — Emma Gannon

‘The Friendship Cure is here to make us love our girl friends all over again… you’ll want to buy it and give it to all of your friends immediately.’ — Evening Standard


Kate Leaver's first book, The Friendship Cure, came out in 2018 in Australia, NZ, North America and the UK. It is published by HarperCollins Australia, Prelude/Duckworth and Overlook/Abrams. 

You can buy it (please do!) from Waterstones in the UK, Booktopia in Australia and Barnes and Noble in the US.

The Friendship Cure is about the art and science of friendship, and why we need each other more than ever. Kate speaks to scientists, evolutionary psychologists, psychotherapists, experts, friends and strangers from the internet to conduct a relatable, moving and funny investigation into the topic of friendship. 

She covers things like the unique, often feminist power of female friendship (and what Taylor Swift has to do with it), the nature of bromance (with help from One Direction, Sherlock and Harry Potter), whether a man and woman can ever truly be friends (feat. an exposing interview with a close male friend Kate kissed years ago), how we've evolved to need companionship (and how many friends our brains can handle), toxic friendships (how to recover from a friendship break-up), the loneliness epidemic (it's deadlier than smoking), friends with health benefits (the curative qualities of having mates), why support is so important for our mental health (how to love thy depressive) and how we can friend-proof our future (how to diversify our emotional portfolio). 

Please do get in touch if you'd like to read a copy, publish an extract, commission an essay, request media comment for an article, invite Kate on a podcast, radio or telly show, or just generally talk to her about friendship. She lives in London but is more than happy to do international press.