how does arianna huffington sleep at night?



Arianna Huffington has always worked hard; it’s in her blood. She launched The Huffington Post in 2005 and it’s since become one of the most prolific, ubiquitous media outlets in the world, with local editions in the UK, Japan, China, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and Australia. But one day in 2007, Arianna collapsed from exhaustion and hit her head badly. She was sleep-deprived and consumed by work, and her health has slipped dangerously low on her list of priorities. She realised that day that she needed to change her life – but, as is her nature, she couldn’t stop at her own life. Huffington wanted to start a revolution.

“I made a lot of changes to my life, and in learning about the effects of stress and burnout, I became more and more passionate about the connection between wellbeing and productivity,” she tells me. “And as I went around the world speaking, I saw how widespread the burnout epidemic is, but also how deeply people want to change their lives.”

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