How To love someone with depression



Depression is a filthy thief. It can rob you of everything that makes you, you: your sense of humour, your humility, your ability to connect with other human beings. It can make you virtually unrecognisable to the people who love you. It can replace all your loveliness with a miserable, aching numbness that makes normal human interaction difficult, if not impossible.

That’s the first thing you should know, if you’re trying to love someone who has depression. When the person you love is struck down by the illness, they will not be the person you think you fell in love with because they will not be themselves. It’s that simple, and that complicated. They might be short with you, or abrupt, or cold, or angry. They might be distant or cruel, in a way they’ve never been before. They might be more timid, shy or quiet than you've ever seen them. They might simply need extra care and love, and for you to be gentle with them.

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