How to cope with awkward conversations about sexual harassment



It’s been a helluva two months. Hundreds of women have gone public with allegations against powerful men, courageously calling out sexual harassment, assault and rape. There are currently 102 – and counting – against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein alone. Seventy-three high-profile men have been accused since the Weinstein revelations broke in The New York Times.

This very public moment of reckoning has started some big, fiery conversations between friends. Down the pub, on the tube, at work – and inevitably, over mince pies and mulled cider. It’s all we can talk about (with brief interruptions to discuss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s matching navy coats). And now that Pamela Anderson and Angela Lansbury have come out with extremely questionable attitudes on the matter – both of whom have been accused of blaming victims for either being in a room with an abuser or dressing to be sexually attractive – we have even more atrocious takes to handle.

So, how to survive the inevitable showdown with your friend’s husband, your sexist uncle, or in an unlikely turn of events, Pamela Anderson? Here’s a guide to some of the most common arguments making appearances at Sunday roasts, work lunches and family dinners right now – and how to address them.  

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