Nicole Kidman On Grief, Motherhood and Survival



By far the loveliest moment of my chat with Nicole Kidman, was when I asked about her girls, Sunday (6) and Faith (3). A warmth and pride crept into her voice immediately, like it does for any mother besotted with her family.

Of course, Nicole, 47, is one of the most famous women on the planet. But, by the sounds of it, her little girls couldn’t care less — as long as she and their dad, country singer Keith Urban, are around for parties and reading and baking.

“They’re not even a little bit interested in what I do! They know mummy is an actor and daddy sings,” she says. “They’re interested in toys, fairy dresses, parties, school, and reading, which is great. And baking! They love cooking. They’ve watched the trailer for Paddington Bear [Nicole plays the villain, Millicent Clyde, in the movie] so many times they can act out the whole thing, but everything else is a bit “Huh? Eh.” I’m glad I’m in something that they can see, because Before I Go To Sleep is not a kids’ movie.”

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