Panicking 9-5: The Rise of Workplace Anxiety



Bella, a 28-year-old marketing director, remembers the moment she was hit with an overwhelming dread. “It was 10.03am on a Tuesday. I remember looking at the clock and thinking there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to get my work done, and then I started to lose my breath.” She found an empty room and sat on the floor. “I felt as if I was suffocating, like my chest was going to snap in half. Everything felt detached from my body – my hands from my arms and my feet from my legs. After the longest eight minutes of my life, the sensation eased. I went back to my desk and told my colleagues I’d had an allergic reaction to the dust.”

Welcome to the latest stress epidemic, workplace panic attacks. New research shows that 52% of us will have at least one of those in our lives. That’s more than 46 million panic attacks in the UK each year – 120,000 every day – and our jobs are a staggeringly common catalyst. A third of British women will experience anxiety at some point in their careers, and last year the Health & Safety Executive reported 300,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety from women. If you’re the one in four who’s had to take time off work because of stress, you’ll relate to this. We’re clocking in stupidly long hours, multitasking like hell and putting everything into our jobs. No wonder more of us are hyperventilating in the toilets.

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