sheila heti on her new book, motherhood 



Sheila Heti opens a rickety apartment door, hides a piece of peanut butter toast and sits at a plain wooden table. She’s in a cardigan and trousers, having just celebrated the publication of her latest book with an afternoon nap (the perfect celebration).

Motherhood has just come out in the UK. Sheila’s seventh book, it has already received effusively positive reviews – not least, for starting a global conversation about the possibility that some women might not want to reproduce. It’s a revolutionary thought and a bafflingly stubborn taboo, this idea that some women might choose to be childless, and Sheila is really the first one to confront it head-on. This is an autobiographical novel: an inner monologue from a nameless woman in her 30s, deliberating whether or not to have a child. The nameless woman is, most of the time and certainly in her essence, Sheila Heti.

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