the palpable anger of kesha rose 



Kesha Rose is back, baby. The 30-year-old pop singer has just released her first album in five years. Rainbow is the first new music we’ve had from Kesha since she became embroiled in a painfully public legal battle with her producer, “Dr Luke” Gottwald, three years ago. She has been famously hamstrung by legalities, trapped in a recording contract but unable to produce music without working alongside her alleged abuser. It’s been a long, bitter wait for this new music – and it’s worth the wait.

This courageous woman has come a long way from brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack and frankly it’s a privilege to watch her fight back. Gone are the empty party tracks; the 14 songs on this album are defiant anthems about survival, resilience and healing-as-retribution. Kesha is angry as hell and, it’s a resounding joy to see a woman so publicly express her rage. Female anger is still a revolutionary act – power to Kesha for making hers so palpable.

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