What I've Learned From A Decade Of Therapy



Therapy is my most important hobby. I turn up to my therapist’s central London office every fortnight to talk through my life, and it gives me an insight I don’t think I could get on my own. It’s like a guided tour of my own mind, and I cherish it. And I’ve been doing it a long time – I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 18 and started seeing a therapist the following year. It wasn’t so much a casual choice back then; it was more a necessity because I needed to pursue every option to keep myself stable.

I’ve been seeing mental health professionals for nearly a third of my life and frankly, they’ve saved me on multiple occasions. For me, talk therapy has been an important part of my overall treatment plan, but I’d like to think I’d still be in therapy even if it wasn’t for the bipolar thing. It’s the single most sensible thing I do for myself as an adult and I’d recommend it to everyone. After all these years as a patient, here’s what I’ve learned about therapy – and myself.

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